Types and Usage

Door Handles can be and have been made out of a wide variety of materials. Just a few examples include brass, white porcelain, brown mineral, cut glass, wood, and Victorian bronze.

Types of Door Handles:

The most common and basic type of doors handle is the Lever latch door handle on a backplate found in residential houses and commercial and public buildings.

1. The Lever lock door handle on a backplate is another type of door handle which operates similarly to the lever latch door handle. This type of handle on a backplate consists of a lever with a keyhole cut just below it. This allows a key to be inserted into the door to control a mortice sash lock. This locking mechanism is used on doors which can be opened by turning the handle if not locked, but can also be locked, requiring a key to open them.

2. The Lever Bathroom is typically used on bathroom doors as they can be locked and unlocked easily from the inside by turning the snib, but in an emergency can be opened from the outside by fitting a coin or similar object into a slot and rotating it.

3. The Lever Privacy is functionally similar to the Lever Bathroom in that it is locked by turning a snib on the inside and can be unlocked from the outside in emergencies. Unlike the Lever Bathroom.

4. Pull door handles or simply Pull handles are U-shaped, and are used especially in the kitchen but also for drawers. Usually made of stainless steel.

Types of household handles:

Entrance: These door handles are typically used on exterior doors, and include keyed cylinders.

Privacy: Typically used on bedrooms and bathrooms; while they are lockable (unlockable with a generic tool), they do not have keyed cylinders.

Passage: Also known as hall or closet, these do not lock and are used in hall or closet doors.

Dummy: These types are used for ball catch doors or other applications where a mechanism is not needed, but a similar aesthetic effect is desired.

Cars: Car door handles may protrude from the vehicle’s exterior surface or be streamlined into the vehicle’s contour. In some automobiles, especially luxury vehicles, the door handles may feature a keyless entry pad utilizing either a numerical code or thumb scan.

Foldables: On a balcony whose door has an outside shutter, a special door handle is used on the outer side. The protruding part of such handle (usually ring-shaped) can be folded sideways, so that the shutter can be fully closed without being obstructed by the door handle.

Pocket doors: A pocket door handle is a recessed rectangular insert, typically with operating hardware called a door pull.


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