Types and Usage

Wall is a structure defining an exact area and providing safety & shelter. There are various types of walls used in the construction of buildings given below.

There are mainly three types of Walls:

1. Load Bearing Walls

Load bearing wall is a structural element. It carries the weight of a house from the roof and upper floors, all the way to the foundation. It supports structural members like beams(sturdy pieces of wood or metal), slab and walls on above floors above. A wall directly above the beam is called load bearing wall.

Types of Load Bearing Walls:

Precast Concrete Wall

Retaining Wall

Masonry Wall

Pre Panelized Load Bearing Metal Stud Walls

Engineering Brick Wall

Stone Wall

2. Non-Load Bearing Walls:

A wall which doesn’t help the structure to stand up and holds up only itself is known as a non-load bearing wall. It doesn’t support floor roof loads above. It is a framed structure.

Types of Non-Load Bearing Wall:

Hollow Concrete Block

Facade Bricks

Hollow Bricks

Brick Walls

3. Cavity Walls:

The cavity wall consists of two separate wythes. The wythes are made of masonry. Those two walls are known as internal leaf and external leaf. This wall is also known as a hollow wall. They reduce their weights on the foundation. They act as good as sound insulation. Cavity wall gives better thermal insulation than any other solid wall because space is full of air and reduces heat transmission. They have a heat flow rate that is 50 percent that of a solid wall. It is economically cheaper than other solid walls. It is fire resistant. Cavity wall helps to keep out from noise.

Types of Creative Wall:

Shear Walls – It is a framed wall. It is designed to resist lateral forces.

Partition Walls – It is used in separating spaces from buildings. It can be solid, constructed from brick or stone. It is a framed construction.

Panel Walls – It is a non-bearing wall between columns or pillars that are supported.

Veneered Walls – With a veneered wall, we are holding up the material. It can be made of brick or stone. The most famous veneered wall is made of brick.

Faced Walls – It is a wall which masonry facing and backing are so bonded as to exert common action under load.


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