VBT – Meditation 33.0


Looking Into The Limitless Sky

Just looking, not thinking. The sky is infinite; it ends nowhere. Just look into it. There is no object; that is why the sky is chosen. The sky is not an object. Linguistically it is; existentially, the sky is not an object because an object begins and ends.

You can go around an object; you cannot go around the sky. You are in the sky, but you cannot go around it. So you may be the object for the sky, but the sky cannot be your object. You can look into it, but you cannot look at it, and that looking into it goes on and on… it never ends.

So look into the blue sky and go on looking. The object is infinite, there is no boundary to it. Do not think about it; do not say it is beautiful. Do not say, “How lovely!” Do not appreciate the color; do not start thinking. If you start thinking, you have stopped. Now your eyes are not moving into the blue, the infinite blue. Just move, just look – do not think. Do not create words; they will become barriers.

Not even “blue sky” should be said. Do not verbalize.

There should be just a pure, innocent look into the blue sky. It never ends. You will go on and on and on and on, and suddenly, because there is no object, just a vacuum, suddenly you will become aware of yourself. Why? Because if there is any vacuum your senses become useless. Senses are only useful if there is an object.

If you are looking at a flower, then you are looking at something – the flower is there. The sky is not there. What do we mean by a sky? That which is not there. Sky means space. All objects are in the sky, but the sky is not an object. It is just the vacuum, the space in which objects can exist. The sky itself is just pure emptiness. Look at this pure emptiness. That is why the sutra says: BEYOND THE CLOUDS. Because clouds are not the sky, they are objects floating in the sky. You can look at the clouds, but that will not help. Look into the blue sky – not at the stars, not at the moon, not at the clouds, but at objectlessness, emptiness. Look into it.

What will happen? In emptiness, there is no object to be grasped by the senses. Because there is no object to be grasped, clung to, senses become futile. And if you are looking into the blue sky without thinking, without thinking, suddenly you will feel that everything has disappeared; there is nothing. In that disappearance you will become aware of yourself. Looking into this emptiness, you will become empty. Why? Because your eyes are like a mirror. Whatsoever is before them is reflected. I see you and you are sad – then a sudden sadness enters into me. If a sad person enters your room, you become sad. What has happened? You have looked at sadness. You are like a mirror: the sadness is reflected in you.

Someone laughs heartily – suddenly you feel a laughter coming to you also. It has become infectious. What has happened? You are like a mirror, you are reflecting things. You look at a beautiful object – it is reflected in you. You look at an ugly object – it is reflected in you. Whatsoever you are seeing penetrates deep into you. It becomes part of your consciousness.


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