VBT – Meditation 61.1

We Are Just Waves

Now the sutra: “AS WAVES COME WITH WATER AND FLAMES WITH FIRE, SO THE UNIVERSAL WAVES WITH US.” We are just waves in a cosmic ocean. Meditate on it, allow this feeling to go deep down within you. Start feeling your breathing as just the rising of a wave.

You breathe in, you breathe out, and the breath that is entering you was someone else’s breath just a moment before and the breath that is leaving you will become someone else’s breath the next moment. Breathing is just waving in the ocean of life. You are not separate – just waves. You are one deep down. We have a togetherness; individuality is false and illusory. Hence, the ego is the only barrier. Individuality is false. It appears to be, but it is not real. The real is the non-individual, the oceanic, the togetherness.

That is why every religion is against the egoistic attitude. The person who says there is no God may not be irreligious, but the person who says “I am” is irreligious.

Gautam Buddha was an atheist; he didn’t believe in any God. Mahavira Vardhaman was an atheist; he didn’t believe in any God. But they achieved, they arrived, they realized the totality, the wholeness.

If you don’t believe in any God you may not be irreligious, because God is not basic to religion. Non-ego is basic to religion. And even if you believe in God, with an egoist mind you are irreligious. With a non-egoistic mind there is no need to believe in a God. You fall into the divine automatically. With no ego you cannot cling to the wave; you have to fall to the ocean. With the ego, you go on clinging to the wave. Look at life as an ocean, and feel yourself just as a wave, and allow this feeling to enter in you.

You can use this technique in many ways. While breathing, feel that the ocean is breathing in you.

The ocean comes to you, goes out, comes in, goes out. With every breath feel a wave rising, with every exhalation feel a wave dying. And between the two, who are you? Just a nothingness, shunya – a void. With that feeling of the void you will be transformed. With that feeling of nothingness all your misery will disappear, because misery needs a center – and a false center at that. The void is your real center. With it there is no misery; you are in a deep ease. Because you are not, who can be tense? You are bliss-filled. It is not that you are bliss-filled, but because you are not, only bliss is.

Without you, can you create misery?

That is why Buddha never says that in that state, the ultimate state, there will be ANANDA – bliss.

He never says it. He says that there will be no misery, that is all. To talk about bliss may mislead you, so Buddha says don’t ask about bliss; simply try to know how you can be without misery. And that means how you can be without yourself.


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