VBT – Meditation 65.2

A Divided Person

If you say that someone is angry and anger is bad, what will you do when you will feel angry? You will say that this is bad, then there will be problems because you say that “This is bad: this anger in me is bad.” Then you have started to divide yourself into two persons – a bad person, an evil person within, and a good person, a saint. Of course, you are bound to be identified with the saint within, so the devil, Satan, the evil within you is to be condemned. You are divided in two. Now there will be a constant fight, a conflict. Now you cannot be an individual; you will be a crowd, a house divided against itself. Now there will be no peace, no silence. You will feel only tension and anguish. This is what you are feeling, but you don’t know why.

A divided person cannot be at peace. How can he be? Where to put your devil? You have to destroy it, and it is you; you cannot destroy it. You are not two. The reality is one, but because of your divisive attitude you have divided the outer reality. Now the inner is also divided accordingly – so everyone is fighting with himself. It is as if you are fighting against one hand – fighting the right hand with the left hand – and the energy is one. In my right hand and left hand, I am; I am flowing in both. But I can oppose one against the other, my right hand against my left hand, and I can create a conflict, a bogus fight. Sometimes I can deceive myself that the right hand has won, and now the left is down. But this is a deception, because I know that it is me in both and any moment I can put the left up and the right down. I am in both; both the hands are mine.

So howsoever much you think you have put your saint above and crushed the devil down, know that at any moment you can change the positions, and the saint will be down and the devil will be up.

That creates fear, insecurity, because you know that nothing is certain. You know you are so loving this moment and you have crushed your hatred down, but you are afraid because at any moment the hatred can come up and the love will be just crushed down. And it can happen at any moment because you are within both.

Tantra says don’t divide, be undivided; only then will you be victorious. How to be undivided? You don’t condemn, don’t say “this” is good and “that” is bad. Just withdraw all conceptions of purity and impurity. Look at the world, but don’t say what it is. Be ignorant, don’t be too wise. Don’t label, remain silent, non-condemnatory, non-justifying. If you can remain silent about the world, by and by this silence will penetrate within. And if the division is not there outwardly, the division will disappear from the inner consciousness, because both CAN exist together.

But this is dangerous for society. That is why tantra was suppressed. This is dangerous! Nothing is immoral, nothing is moral; nothing is pure, nothing is impure. Things are as they are. A real tantric will not say that a thief is bad; he will say that he is a thief; that is all. And by using the word ‘thief’ there is no condemnation in his mind. This “thief” is just a fact, not a condemnation. If someone says that “Here is a man who is a great saint,” he will say, “Okay! He is a saint.” But there is no evaluation in it. He will not say, “He is good”, he will say, “Okay! He is a saint and that man is a thief,” just like this is a rose and that is not a rose, this tree is high and that tree is low, night is dark and day is light – but without comparison.


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