VBT – Meditation 72.5

Feeling Is Universal

Feeling is never individual. Thought is individual – feeling is universal, feeling is cosmic. So the deeper you go into your feeling, the deeper you understand the language of god. If you understand the language of feeling – your own feeling – you will be able to understand the feeling of the animals, the trees, the stars. The deeper you go into feeling, the deeper you move into the very language of existence itself. Feeling is the universal language, and it is oceanic.

When you are moving into feeling, you lose boundaries. You are no more defined. You don’t know who you are. When there is real laughter arising in your being, that laughter takes total possession – you are lost in it. Later on you may say, ‘I laughed,’ but when you were laughing there was no ‘I’. If there is the ‘I’, laughter is not total.

When you are crying – really crying, and the tears come out of your feeling heart – you are not there.

Later on the mind will say, ‘I cried’; this is a retrospective thought. The mind looks back, remembers and thinks, ‘I did it,’ because the mind is always thinking that it is the doer of everything that happens.

But when you were really crying there was no mind and there was no ‘I’ – there was only crying. You were not separate from it… you were one with it… you were lost in it. That’s why it is oceanic. It has no bank – it is infinite.

And this is what you to move into, to dig into. Cry, and forget yourself; laugh, and forget yourself; dance, and forget yourself; sing, and forget yourself.

So remember only one thing – that you have to forget more and more. Forgetfulness is the key for you….

If people can be taught to act, they can be a witness to anything. For example if you are simply acting – anything: you are acting sadness or laughter or anger – you can be a witness inside, because you are not really involved; a part of you will remain separate. When you are really in anger, you become involved so much that you lose the witness. But when you are acting, you are in it and at the same time you are not in it. You are pretending to be in it, and a part of you remains uninvolved like a watcher – and that part is the meditative part of your being. If one consciously learns techniques of acting, one can become a meditator very very easily.

Out of all the professions, acting comes closest to meditation, because, because of this inner mechanism, something of you remains aloof. And a person has to change so many faces so many times, that false faces become loose.

GOD In ordinary life, if you are a businessman, you are a businessman for forty, fifty years, sixty years.

The face becomes so fixed, and you never put it away. So you completely forget that this is not your face – that this is just a face that you have learned; it is a mask! A doctor remains a doctor.

An actor has to move into so many roles, and has to change so fast, that he cannot be identified with any mask. One day or another he starts wondering who really he is, and what is his face – what is his original face?


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