Yogis say libido is prana gone wrong. It is just a diseased prana. But still Freud stumbled upon something which later on can become very, very significant.

And one of his disciples, Wilhelm Reich, went deeper into it, but he was caught by the American government because he could not prove very scientifically, that is very objectively, what he was saying. He died in jail as a madman, certified as mad. He was one of the greatest men ever born in the West. But again he was working blindfolded. He was not yet working, as a yogi has to work. The scientific attitude was his undoing.

Reich tried to make contact with this energy the yogis call prana, and he called it “orgone.” “Orgone” is better than “libido” because “libido” gives a feeling as if all is sexual energy. “Orgone” is a better word, more inclusive, more comprehensive, bigger than “libido,” and gives a possibility for the energy to move beyond sex or to touch higher realms of being which are not sexual. But he got into trouble because he felt it so much and he observed so much that he started to accumulate the prana energy, the orgone, in boxes. He made orgone boxes. Nothing is wrong in them; yogis have been working on that for centuries. That’s why yogis try to live in almost boxlike caves, with only one small door.

Now those caves look very unhygienic, and how did they live there for years? No air goes in because there is no cross ventilation. So dark, dingy, and yogis have lived so perfectly and so healthily that it is almost a miracle. What were they doing there and how were they living there? According to the modern Scientific ideology they should have died, or at the most they should have lived as very ill people, depressed; but yogis have never been depressed. They are one of the most vital people to come across, very alive. What were they doing? What was happening? They were creating orgone, and for orgone to stay in a particular place, cross ventilation is not needed; in fact cross ventilation will not allow the orgone to accumulate because once the air comes there the orgone energy is a rider – it jumps on the air and moves out. No air passage is needed; then layers upon layers of orgone go on accumulating, and one can thrive on it and live on it.

Wilhelm Reich created small orgone boxes, and he helped many ill people. He will tell them just to lie down in the orgone box, and he will close the box and tell them to rest; and within an hour the person is out, feeling very vital, alive, tingling all over with energy. And many people have reported that their diseases disappeared after a few experimentations with the orgone.

The orgone box was so effective that without knowing the laws of the country and without bothering about them, Wilhelm Reich started to produce them on a mass basis and he started selling them.

Then he was caught by the Food and Drug Administration and he was asked to prove it. Now it is difficult to prove because the energy is not tangible. You cannot show it to anybody. It is an experience; and a very inner experience.

You don’t ask Albert Einstein to show electrons, but you can believe in him because you can go and see Nagasaki and Hiroshima. You can see the effect; you cannot see the cause. Nobody has yet seen the atom, but the atom is, because it can produce effects.

Buddha has defined truth as that which can produce effects. Buddha’s very definition of truth is very beautiful. Never again and never before has there been such a beautiful definition of truth: that which can produce effects. If it can produce effects it is true.

Nobody has seen the atom, but we have to believe it because of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. But nobody listened to Wilhelm Reich and his patients. There were many who were ready to certify, “We have been cured,” but this is how – once some attitude becomes generally accepted – people become blind. They said, “All these people are hypnotized. In the first place they must not have been ill – or they have imagined themselves cured – or it is nothing but suggestibility.” Now you cannot go and tell people who have died in Hiroshima, “You have imagined that you are dead”; they have simply disappeared.

Just see the thing: death is more believable than life.

And the whole modern world is more death-oriented than life-oriented. If you kill a person you will be reported by all the newspapers; you will become a headline. But if you revive a person, nobody will ever come to know about it. If you murder, your name becomes a famous name, but if you give life to people, nobody is going to believe in you. They will say you are a charlatan or a deceiver.

That has always been so. Nobody believed Jesus; they killed him. Nobody believed Socrates; they killed him. They have killed even a very innocent man like Aesop, the famous story teller. He never did anything, he never created a religion or a philosophy, and he was not saying anything against anybody. He was just creating a few beautiful parables. But those parables offended people because he was saying such great truths in those parables and in such a simple way that he was murdered.

You go on killing people who have been affirmative, life enhancing. You ask for proof.

Osho has said: If somebody comes to me and asks what I am doing here, it will be difficult. If you certify, they will say you have gone mad. This is something. If somebody is against me, they will believe him; if somebody is for me, they will not believe him. If somebody is against – howsoever foolish – they will not argue with him; they will say, “Right.” And if somebody is with me and for me – howsoever intelligent – they will laugh; knowingly they will say, “I know, you are hypnotized.” Ask Dr. Phadnis; people say that he is hypnotized.

This is a vicious circle of argumentation. If I convince you, you are hypnotized; if I cannot convince you, I am wrong. So either way I am wrong. If somebody is convinced….

It happened. Swabhav is here. A few years before, he came with his two brothers; all the three had come to argue with me. And Swabhav was the most argumentative of all the three; but he is a sincere man, and simple. By and by he became convinced. He had come as a leader with the other two brothers; then he became convinced. Then the other two became against him. Now they say he is hypnotized. They have stopped coming; they won’t listen to me. Now they are afraid: if Swabhav can be hypnotized, they can also be hypnotized. They avoid, and they have created a protective defense mechanism around them. If I can convince another brother – because I know one can be convinced still – then the remaining one will become more defensive; and then he will say, “Two brothers gone.” And the remaining one is also very good-hearted; there is a possibility for him also. Then the whole family will think all the three have gone mad.

This is how things go. If you cannot convince, you are wrong; if you can convince, then too you are wrong.

Many people, very intelligent people, PhD’s, professors, psychoanalysts – certified – but the court wouldn’t listen. They said they are all conspirators in the same game. “Show us where orgone energy is! Open the box and let us see where it is. It is an ordinary box, there is nothing. And you are selling it, deceiving people, and cheating.”

Wilhelm Reich died in prison. It seems humanity is not going to learn anything from history; it goes on repeating the same, again and again.

Why are you so much against love, because orgone energy is love energy? Why are you so much against life and why are you so much in favor of death? Something has not evolved in you. You are so unalive that you cannot believe that life has more and higher possibilities. And if somebody reaches, to the higher peak, you cannot believe that that is possible. You have to deny. It becomes almost an offense to you.

If I say I am God, it becomes an offense. I am simply saying that you can also become gods, never settle for less. But you feel offended. And you are living only two percent of your possibilities; ninety eight percent of your possibilities are being wasted. As if you were given a hundred days to live and you lived only two days and died. Even your great thinkers, painters, musicians, geniuses, they live only fifteen percent of their potentiality.

If you can blaze to your utmost, you become a god.

The situation is such that I would like to tell you one anecdote to explain it.

Cohen bumped into Levy Isaacs who was looking terribly dejected.

“What is the matter?” he asked.

“I am bankrupt,” said a quiet Isaacs. “My business failed.”

“Oh, well,” said Cohen, “what about the property in your wife’s name?”

“There is no property in my wife’s name.”

“Well, then, what about the property in your children’s names?”

“There is no property in my children’s names?”

Cohen put his hand on Levy’s shoulder, “Levy, you are very mistaken. You are not bankrupt – you are ruined.”

This is the situation where you are: not only bankrupt, ruined. If you don’t become alive, if you don’t revitalize your prana and energy, you are ruined – and you will live with the false idea that you lived.

And you are supported by the whole mass of people around you because they are almost as dead as you are, so you think this is the rule. This is not the rule.

The effort towards religion starts only when you catch hold of this – this sutra, this thread – that whatsoever you are doing is almost nothing. You are wasting a great opportunity. Unless you start feeling God within you, never settle for anything. It is okay if you stop for a night’s rest, okay, but by the morning start going. Remember it as a criterion that your fulfillment is your godhood.

When your prana flowers you are God. Right now your prana is just crawling on the earth – not even standing and walking.

I have heard about one beggar who knocked at a big house. The lady of the house opened the door. The man immediately did a sashtang, he bowed down with his whole body on the earth. He crawled at her feet. A very strong man, healthy, perfectly healthy and young. The lady said, “What are you doing? Why are you wasting your energy and crawling at people’s feet? Why don’t you work! Why do you go on asking, begging, crawling!”

The man looked up and said, “Lady, I am a very scientific man. I am moving alphabetically.” The lady said, “What do you mean, alphabetically?”

He said, “Asking – A. Begging – B. Crawling – C. Work is very, very far away….” Alphabetically! Don’t be so alphabetical.

If you are using your prana only for sex purposes, you are crawling. Unless the energy moves to the sahasrara, unless the prana comes to your crown of the head, to your very peak, you will not be able to fly in the sky. You will remain imprisoned and you will remain miserable. Happiness is when you are flying. Happiness is when the sky is vast, unlimited. Happiness is when you have learned the pinnacle, the crescendo of your being, when you have touched the highest peak.


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