“Then follows KAIVALYA” – then follows liberation. Then you are totally free – freedom, absolute freedom – not attached to anything and full of love, showering your love on the whole of existence… a benediction to existence and to yourself, a blessing.

But one has to be alert on each step. The mind is cunning. And you may be thinking, “Yes, when miracles come I am not going to be attached to them.” Think again. You will find in yourself somewhere a desire working, “Let them come, then we will see. First let them come.” Who bothers about kaivalya, liberation? Does not seem to be like a goal.

Just to be liberated, free? What is the point in it?

People go to Osho and they say, “What are we going to get out of meditation?” I say, “More meditation.” They say, “But what is the point? Peace? Peace is okay, but what real power are we going to get out of it?”

Peace doesn’t look like a goal. Power – something that you can do with, something through which you can prove.

I have heard an anecdote, a very beautiful one.

“Tell me, where do you Catholics get all the money to build cathedrals?” asked a rabbi to his friend.

“Well, Abe, you see, we Catholics have a system called Confession. Whenever anybody does something wrong, he comes to church, confesses his sin, puts a little in the kitty, and is forgiven; and in this way we can collect large amounts of cash.”

“Really, what a wonderful system. Maybe we could adopt it for use in our synagogue. But let me go along with you tonight so I could get an example of how you work.”

“Well, Abe, it is strictly forbidden for me, as a priest, to have you along, but seeing as how you have been such a good friend all these years, I will permit it just this once.”

That evening they are seated in the confessional box, the priest in front and Abe, all agog, behind. Presently a man’s voice is heard from behind the curtain:

“Father, I have sinned grievously.”

“What have you done, my son?”

“Last night I consorted with two women.”

“Well, then, put two pounds in the kitty and your sins will be forgiven.”

Abe is very excited. Presently another man’s voice is heard: “Father, I have sinned grievously.”

“What have you done my son?”

“Last night I consorted with three women.”

“Well, then put three pounds in the kitty and your sins will be forgiven, my son.”

Abe can contain himself no longer:

“What a way to make money; what a wonderful system. Do me a favor. Let me do the next one, just to get some practice.”

“Well, Abe, strictly speaking it is not permitted, but seeing as how you have been such a good friend all these years, I will permit it just this once.”

So they exchange places and Abe sits in front waiting. Presently a woman’s voice is heard:

“Father, I have sinned grievously.”

“Now, now, what is it that you have done?”

“Last night I consorted with four men.”

“Now, put five pounds in the kitty and I will give you credit for one.”

Watch out! The mind is very greedy; the ego is nothing but greed.

Patanjali wrote this chapter; many have felt it would have been better if he had not written it. But he has a very scientific mind. He wanted to map out the whole thing that is possible, and he wrote this chapter just to make people aware that these things happen.

As far as I am concerned, I think it has been perfectly good that he has included it, because in ignorance there is more possibility for greed to take possession of you. If you know and you understand the territory and you know where the last attack of the ego is going to come, you can prepare more cautiously and when it happens you will not be caught unawares.

I am perfectly happy that he included “Vibhuti Pada,” this chapter about siddhis and powers, because even if you are not looking for them they happen on their own. The more you grow inside, many things start happening on their own. Not that you are seeking or looking for them – they are consequences. Each chakra has its own powers.

When you pass through them, they become available to you. It is good to be alert and move knowingly where one is going.


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