Types And Usage

What is Fog?
Although it might feel a bit spooky, fog is actually just condensed water vapor close to the ground. To understand fog, we first need to tackle humidity. The air around us can hold a certain amount of water vapor, or water in a gaseous state. As more and more water fills the air, the air feels more humid. The amount of water vapor in the air is known as humidity. When the water vapor completely saturates the air, the water droplets start to condense, or turn from a gas back into a liquid. These droplets of liquid are suspended in the air and appear as a thick haze, known as fog. The types of fog are separated into three main categories; some of these categories have multiple types. Here is an outline of the types of fog we’ll cover today:

1. Radiation Fog
2. Advection Fog
Upslope Fog
Valley Fog
Mountain Fog
Steam Fog
3. Fog in cooler climates
Ice fog
Freezing Fog


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