A fakir experienced the ultimate experience. When it happened people asked him, “How did it happen?”

He said, “I will tell you my story. I had great wealth, great riches, and I wanted to attain God. One night I saw an angel descending in my dream who said, ‘What are you searching for?’

I said, ‘I am searching for God, and I am going to him.’

So the angel said, ‘You will not be able to go with so much luggage, it is very heavy. You will not be able to fly in the sky because of this load. Leave it all behind, only then will your journey be possible. If you want to climb to the heights then you cannot go with such a load of luggage. And there is no height higher than God. Drop your load.’

The fakir said to his disciples, “When I woke up in the morning I renounced all my wealth and saved only a loincloth. Then again the same angel appeared in a dream. He asked me, ‘What is your intention now?’

So I said, ‘I have done what you have said – I have renounced everything.’

The angel asked, ‘But why have you saved this loincloth? Why isn’t the loincloth included in everything?’”

And I tell you that, your ‘everything’, will be saved in the loincloth. Whatever you hold; you had on money, your house, all of that will be put into the loincloth – but your hold will remain the same. You have renounced the diamonds and held on to a loincloth. It will not do – what is the need to take a loincloth to God? He has sent you naked, he will accept you naked. Does he obey the laws of the world to ask you why you are naked? If so, he would not have allowed Mahavira to enter, he would have thrown Diogenes out.

He has given birth to you, what is there to hide from him? Why a loincloth? Either you want to hide something from him or you are not able to drop your greed – you want to hang it on your loincloth. Even a loincloth is enough of a peg to hang something on. Drop this too!

One who wants to proceed on his journey has to go absolutely naked.

The next morning the fakir also let go of the loincloth. He slept that night and dreamed again that the angel appeared. The angel asked, “Now what are you going to do?”

The fakir said, “What else? I am going to search for God.”

The angel said, “Now there is no need to go anywhere. Stay where you are and God will come to you himself. Until now you needed to go because you were so heavily laden. That’s why I told you to let go of everything if you want to go. Now that you have let go of everything there is no need to go anywhere. Now, whenever he wants to come, he will come.”

On the day you become totally worthy, he comes. There is no delay even for a moment. There is no way to delay it.


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