And A Perfect Liar At That

The first question:


Will your disciples attain by sudden enlightenment, or by a slow, step-by-step growth? And is your pathless path for anybody, or only for rare exceptions?

The first thing to be understood is that the very word attainment is nonspiritual. It is part of your greed. The idea to attain is very worldly. Whether you want to attain prestige, power, wealth, or God, or nirvana does not make any difference. The desire to attain is worldly; it is materialistic.

The spiritual revolution happens only when you drop this greed, when you drop the very idea of becoming. You are that. You are already that – so then don’t hanker for attainment. You have never been anything else other than that which you are trying to attain.

God is within you this very moment – healthy and kicking, because God is not something separate from you or from life. But your greed has been a problem, and because of your greed, exploiters have existed who go on showing you ways how to attain.

My whole effort here, my whole work here is to help you to see that you already have it. There is no question of any attainment. There is no question of any future. The moment you think in terms of attainment, tomorrow comes in, time comes in, future comes in. It is a desire. You would like to be somebody else other than you are – which is impossible. You can only be that which you are.

Becoming is dreaming; being is truth. But because of your greed, people have given you many ideas of how to attain – and you accepted. Not because what they say is truth, but because it enhances your greed.

To be close to me all that you have to learn is: unlearn your greed. Drop it, right now. Don’t postpone it, don’t say, “Yes, we will drop it somewhere in the future – tomorrow.” Just try to understand the very misery of greed, the very hell of it. If you see that greed brings hell, then why tomorrow? In that very vision, understanding, it drops. In fact you don’t drop it; it drops on its own accord.

And, if the very idea of attainment is stupid, then what is the point of asking whether you are going to attain in a sudden way or in a gradual way? They become irrelevant.

You are already that. Let this be your constant remembrance. Never for a single moment forget that you are gods and goddesses. Don’t think in terms of ladies and gentlemen – forget all that nonsense. Remember you are gods and goddesses. Never settle for less.

Excerpted From Secrets Of Yoga CH:2


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