Dissolved In The Universal Soul

This world would become very silent if people would say only what cannot be avoided and stop all their mechanical talking. People create unnecessary problems with their useless talk because when you speak, it is not only that you speak, others will answer. Just consider: if you had remained silent how many problems you would have saved yourself! By talking you are getting caught in so many troubles, and to come out of them you have to talk even more. Then this chain continues like a vicious circle which has no end.

This is why the true seeker is silent, he says only what cannot be avoided. He says only as much as is beneficial to somebody, otherwise he just keeps silent.

But even when you stop talking it does not mean that inside you have become silent. You may not talk to someone else but you go on talking to yourself. You are sitting still and you continuously go on talking to yourself. This talk also creates impressions because when you are talking to yourself your mind is listening; you are digging the track of impressions deeper. It is necessary that you also stop talking to yourself.

Talking is a great disturbance. It should not necessarily be a disturbance, but you have made it so. Slowly, slowly stop talking inside also. Try to be silent, allow silence to spread. As silence spreads the mind will begin to dissolve. As silence deepens the clouds of thoughts will disperse. Holes will start to appear in many places and a light will penetrate you from within.

The fundamental teaching of all the religions is silence. Mahavira remained silent for twelve years. Buddha also did not talk for many days. Jesus went into silence before he began to speak. The Koran descended upon Mohammed when he was in a state of total silence. In fact, truth has descended into this world only when someone has become totally silent within. In those moments of silence one becomes attuned to the ultimate. That silence only takes you beyond all appearances and unites you with truth.

That is why we have called a sage a muni. “Muni” means one who has become silent within. And only one who has become silent within has a right to speak because his talk will have some value: he has known something which he wants to share. One who is not silent inside has no right to speak, one who goes on talking and chattering within has no right to speak. If you go on talking inside your talk on the outside is simply a disease.

When you are talking with others you are actually not talking with others – you are just emptying yourself. This is why if you cannot find anyone to listen to you, you become very uneasy. You need somebody to listen to your chatter. But the other also is only listening to your chatter so that as soon as you stop, he can begin to chatter; there is no other reason.

I have heard that a political leader was delivering a speech at a meeting, but people slowly began to leave. By the time the speech had come to an end there was only one person left. The leader thanked him and said, “In this town people seem to be very foolish, except for you.”

The man said to the leader, “Oh, no – I am sitting here because I am scheduled to speak after you. I did not stay because I want to listen to you.”

Excerpted From The Message Beyond Words CH: 8


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