Narayana or Narayani Sena

In the Mahabharata, there is a mention of Duryodhana and Arjuna going to Krishna to seek assistance in the war. The proud Duryodhana sat beside Krishna’s head and Arjuna sat near his feet, while Krishna was asleep.
On opening his eyes, Krishna first saw Arjuna and then Duryodhana, and asked them the reason for their visit, which was seeking his assistance for the war. Krishna had put forth two options: One, he himself but will not take up arms, and the other, his formidable Narayani sena. As we all know, Arjuna chose Krishna and Duryodhana had chosen the army.

This is what is fact. Noone still ever ask themselves why Krishna choose not to take arms? By saying this he become totally useless to Duryodhana because Duryodhana wanted Krishna’s arm, Sudarshan Chakra, which he refuse to use.

What Krishna give message through this incidence is don’t have do’s and don’ts, choose when to be useless and when to be useful.

By taking this decision he made Pandavas victory for sure. If by chance if he has to be on Kauravas side then Narayani Sena, which will be on Pandavas side, which is train by Krishna himself knows how to attack and win the war. As Duryodhana was not interested in Krishna’s strategy. Because he will fight only by Shakuni’s strategy.

On the other side if Pandavas side Narayani Sena is there then they will be fight against Shakuni’s strategy, for which they are already train. If Krishna is on Pandavas side then they will fight accordingly Krishna’s strategy. For which Narayani Sena was not train. So whoever will be on Pandavas side, victory was made sure of Pandavas.

The results; obvious from the course of the battle, while the army of a million plus soldiers fought bravely but were never a match for the battle of strategy that Krishna drew and the Pandavas executed. In the end a powerful army of a million plus soldiers led by the hundred Kauravas suffered a humiliating defeat in front of the smaller army managed by the five Pandava brothers and lead by the chief strategist Krishna.

If you know when you want to be useful and when you can be useless your victory is sure.

Now from Narayana or Narayani Sena what we can learn:
Let’s go step by step.

  1. Like Krishna train his Narayani Sena to fight against Shakuni’s strategy. He has not train them to fight against his strategy.
    1. So in the life we must learn that never disclose your strategy to the people who is going to fight for you. Teach them how to fight against your opponents strategy.
  2. Krishna welcomed both Duryodhana and Arjuna. Even though he did not appreciate Duryodhana’s approach towards Pandavas still he did not refused Duryodhana to help him.
    1. To learn from this – have your person and your strategy with your opponent. If we can do this it will be easy for us to win. As we know how opponent will play their cards.
  3. Krishna when offer Narayana or Narayani Sena, he was absolutely clear that Pandavas must win. There is nothing call win, win situation it has to be only win situation.
    1. In our life have clarity regarding your goal to achieve, drop your mental and emotional laziness, to achieve your goal. Find out solutions by which you can win. Always work and act on solutions, don’t give up.



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