Body And Soul – In Gita Verse 2.16 Those who are seers of the truth have concluded that of the nonexistent (the material body) there is no endurance and of the eternal (the soul) there is no change. This they have concluded by studying the nature of both.

All the seers out of their realisation concluded the body resists as it has no tolerance, and for the soul, consciousness, it allows as for it there is no change. For the body everything is fragmented, opposite, so it always resists, opposes. For the soul everything is the same – happiness-unhappiness, love-hate, all opposite is the same. So the soul or the person who is connected with his subjectivity allows everything, no resistance.

Realisation by seer says truth needs no defence; only lies need defence. Truth needs no argument, it is self-evident.

So the problem with truth is always how to convey it to the other person.

Lies can be argued about. The other can be convinced about them; logic can be used to convince the other. Hence, I hate the word “missionary,” because the missionary can only spread lies. He convinces, argues, quotes scriptures.

But truth needs nothing. Truth is enough unto itself. So, if you have felt something of truth here, please don’t try to convince anybody. You cannot succeed. Only make your experience available – naked, with no logic, with no argument. Truth has its own way. It will come through the shine of your eyes, through the aura of your being, through your very presence, that you have been in a garden – you are still fragrant.

Here when Krishna uses the word TRUTH, what he means is not regarding fact or lies. He says that a person from his own realisation has understood the truth that they can go beyond. They will not act from their logic. It’s very easy to live a logical life, where you can have many proofs when your logic has a certain substance in it. You can prove it correct and the same logic can be proved by others as lies.  He is not talking about the truth and lies in terms of logic. He says that seers who realised that for the gross body there is logic of truth and lie but for the soul the TRUTH is SUCHNESS. It is. They don’t need proof to prove their subjectivity, they act from their subjectivity silently. They don’t disconnect themselves with their subjectivity, they act from their subjectivity.

What is meant by acting from subjectivity? It simply means that in this moment’s act without evaluating whether it is trivial or of any importance you act from your self-alertness or not. Say this moment you are walking, whether you are focused on walking or you are unconscious and robot-like walk. If your routine act is with self-alertness, this is the path of TRUTH, it will be preparation to deliver universe assignment. When you live your normal and routine life with self-alertness suddenly you will start getting more responsibility from the surrounding. Say you will find that now you can be more supportive to the people around you. Support means you help people around you without involving yourself emotionally or having any expectation from them. You will be supporting them because you enjoy doing that, not for satisfying your ego. When you help you satisfy your ego. This is a signal from the universe that you are promoted to the next level of life. It’s an ongoing process. Once you will support the people around you suddenly you will find that now you have got the opportunity to support society. By this time some realisation will come to you that now something is coming to you rather than you are in search of something. When you were acting from your objectivity you were going after doing something as a doer. When you act from your subjectivity something will come to you and you will be sharing and participating in that act. 180 degree change. Doer to non-doer.

Krishna is talking to Arjuna regarding this TRUTH, and not the truth and lie of the objective world. Even when Arjuna was conscious he was aware of the objective of this war for him, Fighting Without Enmity. Because he moved in logical thinking he forgot what act he is thinking as doer came to him and he needs to act by dropping all these logical arguments and seeing the possibility of how without enmity we can fight. He was a warrior throughout his life. He knew the objective of the war through a logical mind and now consciously fighting the same act which was as doer can change as non-doer. 180 degree shift in that. Change, which he is afraid of and again and again he is going into his logical mind. As with this change he will not be able to prove himself in front of anyone with a logical mind. Remember I wrote in Bhagavad Gita Verse 2.15, mind is tiny and consciousness is vast, Krishna is just reminding him of this distinction. Krishna in his utter emptiness holds Arjuna.


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