Maturity – In Gita Verse 2.30 O descendant of Bharata, he who dwells in the body can never be slain. Therefore you need not grieve for any living being.

Krishna, in his boundless wisdom, addresses Arjuna, the formidable but trembling warrior, caught in the toils of war and quandaries of mortality. The verse from the Bhagavad Gita is a beacon that illuminates the path leading beyond the transient to the infinite realm of the Atman, the soul that dwells within.

Maturity is not merely an attribute but a state of being, a blossoming that marks the fruition of one’s inherent nature. To be mature is to transcend the scripts written by others – parents, educators, and society. Maturity is to be the author of your life’s scripture, written with the ink of experience and the quill of consciousness.

Maturity in Krishna’s dialogue is a call to see beyond the cosmetic veils of societal roles and transient identities. It’s a call to recognise the eternal self that dances within the corporeal cage.

As far as respectability is concerned, voyagers of life must redefine the term. To be respectable is not to amass accolades or to tailor oneself to the crowd’s fickle fancies, but to steadfastly honour your inner truth. It is to stand with your spine erect, not before society, but before your own reflection, devoid of distortion.

Freedom, then, is the ultimate pursuit, the purest quest. It is to cast off the shackles of conditioned existence and wade into the vastness of being, unbound by doctrines and dogmas. True freedom is an internal revolution, the dawning of an awareness that you are not a mere participant in the cosmic play, but an embodiment of the play itself.

When you invoke Buddha’s counsel, to slay your perceived notions of mother and father, you are not enacting violence, but liberating your being from the imposed narratives that have long governed your actions. It is to slay the dependencies that bind you, the ideologies that dwarf your spirit, allowing you to emerge in your full glory, as unsullied as the sky.

You speak of life, of living not through the borrowed dreams of progenitors, but through the undiluted essence of your being. To live is to unfurl in the vastness of creation, to be a lighthouse of consciousness amidst the turbulent seas of existence.

Krishna’s urging to Arjuna, and to every soul entangled in the material maze, is simple yet profound – live the life bequeathed to you by the cosmos. Engage in the dance of existence without malevolence, with the recognition that each entity is but an expression of the divine. And in this nonviolent engagement, find the liberation that is the birthright of every living being.

To Fight Without Enmity is to engage in life’s battles with the grace of a benevolent warrior – love in your heart and truth as your sword. It is to see through the maya, the illusion, and recognise that all of existence is interconnected in a grand cosmic dance.

Remember, every spoken word is mere guidance, a nudge in the right direction – it is not the destination itself. Let the profound simplicity of Krishna’s message in this verse shine forth unadorned: the soul is eternal, invincible, and untouched by the temporal disarray of the material world. By embracing this wisdom, one may find the courage to act with conviction and righteousness, for the true self remains ever steady, even amidst the ebb and flow of life’s myriad battles. This is the ultimate truth to carry within, the silent power of the eternal.


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