Body Is Vehicle – In Gita Verse 5.13 When the embodied living being controls his nature and mentally renounces all actions, he resides happily in the city of nine gates [the material body], neither working nor causing work to be done.

When Krishna says resides happily in the body, it means the person has no-resistance for the objective world or subjective world. He lives in utter acceptance.

What to do with the persistence of unblissful, seemingly infinite resistance?

Accept it, don’t resist it. Don’t resist the resistance. That’s what you are doing. The first resistance is not the problem at all; the second resistance creates the problem. You are resisting your resistance. Your misery is unnecessarily multiplied. Drop the second resistance and you will be surprised: if you drop the second, the first will evaporate on its own accord.

Jesus says: “Resist not evil.” This is a very strange statement; no other awakened person has given such a rebellious statement. Christian priests, missionaries, don’t talk about it at all. They talk about other things, but they don’t talk about this strange statement: resist not evil. It seems very illogical, irreligious. Evil has to be resisted, and Jesus says: “Resist not evil.” Why?

There is a secret in it. If you resist evil, you give energy to it. Every resistance gives energy to the thing resisted. “Don’t resist evil” means if you don’t resist it, it will drop on its own accord because you will not be nourishing it with your energy; you are disconnected immediately.

Question may arise, “What to do with the persistence of unblissful, seemingly infinite resistance?” Nothing has to be done. If you do anything you will create more and more resistance; that’s how you have made it infinite. It is not infinite. Only godliness is infinite, nothing else. How can your resistance be infinite? But you are making it infinite because you are pouring your energy into it. You are trying to resist it, fight it, repress it in subtle ways, so it comes up again and again.

Accept it, and then see what happens. Whatsoever happens is good. In the beginning you may be afraid to accept it. In the beginning you will think, “If I accept it then I will have to follow it.” No, that is not the truth. If you totally accept it you will see it dying immediately, you have cut the very roots. That’s what Jesus means. He wants to destroy evil totally; hence he says: “Resist not evil.” If you resist, you will go on feeding it.

The first resistance is never the problem, the second resistance is. And you cannot do anything about the first; you can do something only about the second, because that is yours. What can be done? If resistance is there it is there – welcome it, accept it. But you are doing the second in many ways.

Simply accept the way you are. You can’t be anybody else. Because you are trying to be somebody else, that creates trouble.

Learn to enjoy wherever you are and whatsoever you are. Don’t make much fuss about it. If there is resistance it is natural, because this whole process is of surrender. Resistance is natural. So accept it, and through acceptance it will die a natural death.

Krishna tells, A person has no expectations from existence; he simply flows with the existence without any resistance. The person allows existence to have its own course; wherever it leads, the person is ready to go with it. The person has no destination, no goal as such. This person resides in the body happily. For him, the body is the vehicle he uses for any action, to respond in this moment.

Buddha calls it tathata – suchness. Such is the case: wherever you are it is nowhere, whoever you are you are a nobody.


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