Types and Usage

Before the modern plates were invented, people ate off of large leaves, gourd halves or seashells.

As technology progressed, plates made of fine porcelain and china were introduced.

There are mainly 19 types of Plates:

1. Ceramic: Ceramic plates are perhaps the most common type of plate that people use on a daily basis.

2. Glass Plates: Many people love having sets of glass plates to use on a regular basis. 3. Melamine: The vast majority of the people across the world will not be familiar with this word but many of them use melamine plates on a daily basis. Melamine plates are basically plastic plates that people use very commonly. Melamine itself is an organic type of chemical that people use when making plastic products and most of the plates that people consider to be plastic fall under this melamine category.

4. Stoneware Plates: This style of plates is something that can technically fall under the ceramics category but it is distinct enough to warrant its own section. 

5. Earthenware Plates: These are interesting plates as they are somewhat similar to the stoneware plates in many ways but they have some important differences to consider. They’re made in largely the same fashion as stoneware plates but these plates are a bit more coarse and feature a glaze on them.

6. Bamboo Plates: Bamboo dishware is completely biodegradable but you can actually use these dishes more than one time.

7. Paper Plates: Paper plates are the most frequently used option for people seeking out disposable plates.

8. Disposable Plastic Plates: There are also disposable plates that are made out of plastic.

9. Clear Glass Plates: Clear glass is one of the most common types of glass plates that you will encounter.

10. Colored Glass Plates: Of course, colored glass plates have a beauty that is all their own. The subtle coloring on many of these styles of plates is a sight to behold.

11. Multi-Colored Glass Plates: It is also possible to find glass plates that have multiple colors on them.

12. Recycled Glass Plates: Another interesting style of a glass plate is the recycled glass plate.

13. China: China refers to a famous style of plate that people usually only bring out for special dinner parties.

14. Bone China: One of the most sought-after and pretty types of china is referred to as bone china.

15. Fine China: As you might expect, fine china is the most delicate type of china that you can purchase.

16. Traditional Stoneware Plates: Traditional stoneware is going to be the type of stoneware plate that you will see being commonly used.

17. Fine Stoneware Plates: Fine stoneware plates are a little bit different from the traditional ones in a few crucial ways. 

18. Tin-Glazed Earthenware Plates: When earthenware plates have this tin glaze applied to them, it really opens up what the artists can do with it. They are able to apply vivid and vibrant colors to the plate.

19. Creamware: Creamware is a type of earthenware that features a distinct cream color. A transparent type of glaze is used when making these plates and this allows the natural cream color of the earthenware to shine through brilliantly.


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