VBT – Meditation 26.5

Be Aware Of Mind

If you can think of watching, why can’t you watch thinking? Just try. It is not a difficult process, it is simple.

But most people do it instead of watching the thinking, thinking of watching.

They are thinking of watching and are deceived by themselves and start feeling that great things are happening: The watcher has come in and soon all these thoughts will disappear and the no-mind is not very far away.

Beware of your mind more than anything else in the world. It is the greatest deceiving device which has been created by your body, physiology, chemistry, biology. It keeps you tethered to the body and does not allow you to open your eyes to your consciousness. It keeps you engaged; it does not give you even a little holiday. The danger is that if you are given a little holiday you may become aware of your inner grandeur, the beauty of your being and the enormous truth and the glory of it. And once you have seen that splendor, you are not going to be deceived anymore.

What to do? The desire is there; you have considered. If you have considered it, it will not be difficult; the second part will be easy. If you have not considered it, look at your mind. Your mind will be thinking, “This is good. If we can quit sexual desire suddenly, this is beautiful.” You would like to do it, but your liking is not the question. Your liking may not be your liking, but just society’s. Your liking may not be your own consideration, but just tradition. First consider, do not create any liking or disliking. Just consider, and then the second part becomes easy – you can quit the desire.

How to quit it? When you have considered a thing totally, it is very easy; it is as easy as dropping this paper from my hand. QUIT IT… What will happen? A desire is there. You have not suppressed it and it is moving out, it is coming up; it has stirred your whole being. Really, when you consider a desire without interpretation your whole being will become a desire.

When sex is there and if you are not against it or for it, if you have no mind about it, then just by looking at the desire, your whole being will be involved in it. A single sex desire will become a flame.

Your whole being will be concentrated in the flame, as if you have totally become sexual. It will not only be at the sex center, it will spread all over the body. Every fiber of your body will be trembling.

The passion will have become a flame. Now, quit it. Don’t fight with it, simply say, “I quit it.”

What will happen? The moment you can simply say, “I quit,” a separation happens. Your body – your passionate body, your body filled with sex desire – and you become two. Suddenly, in a moment, they are two poles apart. The body is writhing with passion and sex, and the center is silent, observing. No fight is there, just a separation – remember this. In a fight you are not separate.

When you are fighting you are one with the object. When you have just quit it, you are separate.

Now you can look at it as if someone else is there, not you.


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