Drop Philosophies – In Gita Verse 12.16 My devotee who is not dependent on the ordinary course of activities, who is pure, expert, without cares, free from all pains, and not striving for some result, is very dear to Me.

Krishna says – my devotee they act from their emptiness.

What is required to act from emptiness? 

You have brought many philosophies with you.

Drop them. They have not helped you at all, they have not done anything for you. It is time enough, the right time. Drop them wholesale, not in parts, not in fragments. For these few days you try just to be without any thinking. I know it is difficult but still I say it is possible. And once you know the knack of it, you will laugh at the whole absurdity of the mind that you were carrying so long.

I have heard about a man who was traveling in a train for the first time, a villager. He was carrying his luggage on his head, thinking: “Putting it down will be too much for the train to carry, and I have paid only for myself. I have purchased the ticket but I have not paid for the luggage.” So he was carrying the luggage on his head. The train was carrying him and his luggage, and whether he carried it on his head or put it down made no difference to the train.

Your mind is unnecessary luggage. It makes no difference to this existence that is carrying you; you are unnecessarily burdened. Krishna says: Drop it. The trees exist without the mind and exist more beautifully than any human being; the birds exist without the mind and exist in a more ecstatic state than any human being. Look at children who are still not civilized, who are still wild. They exist without the mind, and even a Jesus or a Buddha will feel jealous of their innocence. There is no need for this mind. The whole world is going on and on without it. Why are you carrying it? Are you just thinking that it will be too much for God, too much for existence? Once you can put it down, even for a single minute, your whole existence will be transformed. You will enter into a new dimension, the dimension of weightlessness.

That’s what Krishna is going to give you: wings into the sky, into heaven – weightlessness gives you these wings – and roots into the earth, a groundedness, a centering. This earth and that heaven: they are two parts of the whole. In this life, your so-called ordinary life, you must be rooted; and in your inner space, in the spiritual life, you must be weightless and flying and flowing, floating.

Roots and wings Krishna can give to you, if you allow – because Krishna is only a midwife. Krishna cannot force the child out of you. A forced child will be ugly, and a forced child may die. Just allow me. The child is there, you are already pregnant. Everybody is pregnant with God. The child is there and you have already carried too long; long ago the period of nine months passed. That may be the root cause of your anguish – that you are carrying something in the womb which needs birth, which needs to come out, which needs to be born. Think of a woman, a mother, carrying a child after the ninth month. Then it becomes more and more burdensome, and if the birth is not going to happen the mother will die, because it will be too much to bear. That may be the reason why you are in so much anxiety, anguish, tension. Something needs to be born out of you; something needs to be created out of your womb. Krishna can help.

This Samadhi Sadhana, Meditation is inner ecstasy and enlightenment, is just going to be a help for you so that which you have carried like a seed up to now can come out of your soil and become an alive thing, an alive plant. But the basic thing will be that if you want to be with Krishna you cannot be with your mind. Both cannot happen simultaneously.

Krishna says infinite space exists between you and your body – infinite space. An unbridgeable gap exists between you and your body. And all suffering exists on the periphery. Hindus say it is a dream because the distance is so vast, unbridgeable. It is just like a dream happening somewhere else – not happening to you – in some other world, on some other planet.

We need to change the gestalt – Change focus from body to space between our soul and body. This is meditation.


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