Veena Of Life – In Gita Verse 13.3 O scion of Bharata, you should understand that I am also the knower in all bodies, and to understand this body and its knower is called knowledge. That is My opinion.

Krishna through this verse says – It is necessary to say a few things about the body.

The first thing to understand is that the center of man’s life-energy is the navel. Only from there does the child acquire life; only from there do the branches and sub-branches of his life start spreading; only from there does he get energy; only from there does he get vitality. But our attention is never focused on that energy center – not even for a minute! Our focus is not on the system through which we get to know that energy center, that center of vitality; instead our whole attention and our whole education is focused on the system that helps to forget it! That is why our whole education has gone wrong.

Our whole education is taking man slowly, slowly towards madness.

The brain alone will only take man towards madness.

Do you know that the more a country becomes educated the more the number of mad people increases there? America has the highest number of mad people today. It is a matter of pride. It is proof that America is the most educated, the most civilized country. American psychologists say that if the same system continues for another hundred years, it will be difficult to find a sane man in America. The brain has become insane.

You have no idea that the brain is a very delicate, a very fragile, a very subtle thing. Man’s brain is the most delicate machine in the world. So much stress is being imposed on this machine that it is a wonder that it does not completely break down and become mad! The whole burden of life is on the brain, and we have no idea how delicate a thing it is. We have hardly any idea of how fine and delicate the nerves in the head are which have to carry all the burden, all the anxiety, all the suffering, all the knowledge, all the education… the whole weight of life.

Perhaps you may not know that in this small head there are about seventy million nerves. Just by their number you can tell how tiny they are. There is no machine or plant more delicate than this.

The fact that there are seventy million nerves in the small head of man shows how delicate it is.

There are so many nerves in a single man’s head that if they were spread out one after the other, they would encircle the whole earth.

In this small head there is such a subtle mechanism, such a delicate mechanism. In the past five thousand years all the stress of life has been placed on this delicate brain alone. The result was inevitable. The result is that the nerves have started breaking down, becoming insane, going mad.

The burden of thoughts cannot take man anywhere else other than into madness. Our whole life-energy has started moving around the brain. A meditator has to bring this life-energy deeper, more downwards, more towards the center; he has to turn it back. How can it be turned back? To understand this, we must understand something about the body – the ’first sutra’.

The first thing: the body is not seen as a temple nor as a path for the spiritual journey nor as a passage for discovering the center of life-energy. The body is looked at either from the point of view of indulgence or from the point of view of renunciation. Both of these approaches are wrong.

The path to whatsoever is great in life and whatsoever is worth attaining, is within the body and goes through the body.

The body should be accepted as a temple, as a spiritual path – and as long as this is not our attitude we are either indulgers or we are renouncers. In both cases our attitude towards the body is neither right nor balanced.

Krishna says – Except for the body of man there is no other veena of life. And there are some strings in the body of man which should neither be too tight nor too loose. Only in that balance does man enter into music.

To know that music is to know the soul. When a man comes to know the music within himself, he knows the soul; and when he comes to know the music hidden within the whole, he knows God, the supreme soul.


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