Follow The Body – In Gita Verse 17.7 Even the food each person prefers is of three kinds, according to the three modes of material nature. The same is true of sacrifices, austerities and charity. Now hear of the distinctions between them.

Krishna says the body never goes to extremes, the mind goes to extremes. This is why no animal goes to extremes, otherwise what would be the condition of animals! There is no one giving them guidance. Have you ever seen an animal eating too much? Go to the jungle and look carefully, do you see any animal that you can say has overeaten? Do you see any animal that is fasting?

“Food cannot make you spiritual, but if you are spiritual your food habits will change.” Once you start meditating regularly, you only eat what your body needs and no more. Most importantly, you eat in awareness about what you are eating and how you are eating. You select the right food that you need at the right time and enjoy it. Then you eat it slowly, relishing its taste and chewing it for over 30 times to digest it. And you eat when you need the food for energy.

The extreme has a fascination for the mind. Why? Because in the middle, the mind dies. Look at a pendulum: if you have any old clock, look at the pendulum. The pendulum can go on moving the whole day if it goes to the extremes. When it goes to the left it is gathering momentum to go to the right. When it goes toward the right, do not think that it is going toward the right – it is accumulating momentum to go toward the left. So the extremes are right-left, right-left.

Let the pendulum stay in the middle, then the whole momentum is lost. Then the pendulum has no energy, because the energy comes from one of the extremes. Then that extreme throws it toward another, then again, and it is a circle… the pendulum goes on moving. Let it be in the middle, and the whole movement will then stop.

Mind is just like a pendulum and every day, if you observe, you will come to know this. You decide one thing on one extreme, and then you move to another. You are angry; then you repent. You decide, “No, this is enough. Now I will never be angry.” But you do not see the extreme.

“Never” is an extreme. How are you so certain that you will never be angry? What are you saying? Think once more – never? Then go to the past and remember how many times you have decided that “I will never be angry.” When you say, “I will never be angry,” you do not know that by being angry you have accumulated momentum to go to the other extreme.

Now you are feeling repentant, you are feeling bad. Your self-image is disturbed, shaken. Now you cannot say you are a good man, you cannot say that you are a religious man. You have been angry, and how can a religious man be angry? How can a good man be angry? So you repent to regain your goodness again. At least in your own eyes you can feel at ease – that you have repented and you have decided that now there will be no more anger. The shaken image has come back to the old status quo. Now you feel at ease, you have moved to another extreme.

But the mind that says, “Now I will never be angry,” will again be angry. And when you are again angry, you will forget completely your repentance, your decision – everything. After anger, again the decision will come and the repentance will come, and you will never feel the deception of it. This has been so always.

Mind moves from anger to repentance, from repentance to anger. Remain in the middle. Do not be angry and do not repent. If you have been angry, then please, at least do this: do not repent. Do not move to the other extreme. Remain in the middle. Say, “I have been angry and I am a bad man, a violent man. I have been angry. This is how I am.” But do not repent; do not move to the other extreme. Remain in the middle. If you can remain, you will not gather the momentum, the energy to be angry again.

Even if you are not successful in being exactly in the middle, try to be in the middle. By and by you will have the feel of what middle means. Whatsoever may be the case – hate or love, anger or repentance – always remember the polar opposites and remain in between. And sooner or later you will stumble upon the exact middle point.

Once you know it you can never forget it again, because that middle point is beyond the mind. That middle point is all that spirituality means..

Krishna through the food says that follow the body. Eat only when you are hungry. Eat with awareness.


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