VBT – Meditation 72.4

Bliss Is Eternal

Bliss is neither temporary nor permanent – because the permanent is nothing but an extension of the temporary. Even one day the himalayas will disappear, so howsoever long they are GOD there, they are not eternal. They stay longer – the difference is relative; the difference is not really there.

The flower stays for one day and the himalayas will stay for millions of years, but that makes no difference – both are temporal. The day of the himalayas is longer, the day of the flower is shorter.

Bliss is neither temporal, temporary, momentary, nor permanent. It is eternal. But it is not dead… it is very very alive. It is life itself, so it is not static – it is dynamic. It goes on changing. That is the paradox of bliss: it is eternal and yet changing – each moment new and yet always the old. In a way it has always been, in a way every moment you will feel ecstatic, excited. Every moment you will be surprised by it. So it is very nebulous, it cannot be categorised: momentary or permanent.

It is neither like pain nor like pleasure. It has something of pain and something of pleasure too, but it transcends both. It is like pleasure, but not absolutely like it. It is like it in the sense that it has joy in it, but it has not that heated excitement of pleasure – that feverishness is not there. It is very cool – as cool as pain.

It has something of pain in it, because it is as deep as pain. Pleasure remains always shallow, on the surface. So a person who always moves from pleasure to pleasure becomes a very shallow man. His laughter is hollow. You can see that it is just on the surface, just a white-wash. Deep inside he is completely dead.

Pain makes you more aware because it goes deeper… it penetrates you. Suffering cleanses and gives depth. So a man who has missed all suffering is not really a man, because he will not have any spine. He will not have any backbone. He will be just a hollow man, stuffed with straw. He will not have any soul. Suffering gives soul depth.

So that part of suffering is there in bliss. It is joyful, and yet deep – as deep as pain and as joyful as pleasure. But it cannot be categorised, because we know only two categories: pain and pleasure, good and bad, day and night, temporary and permanent; we know only two categories. It is beyond categories – that’s why it is nebulous, and why I call it a cloud.

Start feeling this cloud around you. Sitting silently, feel a cloud surrounding you. Relax into that cloud, and after a few days you will feel that it has become a reality. Because it is there; it is just that you have not felt it yet. It is there. Everybody lives in a cloud of bliss – one has just to recognise it, that’s all. We are born with it. It is our aura, it is our very intrinsic nature.

So just sit silently sometimes, relaxed, and feel that you are losing yourself in a cloud that surrounds you… constantly changing, and yet remaining with you. And as you start losing yourself, you will feel more and more blissful. There will be some rare moments when you are completely lost and the cloud is and you are not. Those are the moments of satori, samadhi – first glimpses… far away glimpses, but yet of the truth.

The real journey starts when the first satori happens. When you have had a first glimpse, trust arises. Then you are no more groping in the dark, you know now. You yourself know that it exists.

Now it is not taken from some authority – not that Osho says, not that Buddha says, not that Christ says. Now you have also become a witness to it. It is!

GOD It is your own experience – of course, very atomic, seed-like, but that is nothing to be worried about.

Once the seed is there, the tree will be coming.


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