Sahasrara is just below the crown of the head. Sahasrara is a subtle opening in your head. Just as the genital organs are a subtle opening in muladhara, from that subtle opening you move downwards into nature, into life, into the visible, the material, into the form; exactly like that, you have a non functioning organ in the crown of the head, there is also a subtle opening. When energy rushes there, that opening bursts open, and from there you come in contact with super nature, call it God or perfected beings, siddhas – those who have already attained.

Through sex you reproduce more bodies like you. Sex is creative; it gives birth to more children just like you – you reproduce yourself. When your energy moves through sahasrara, the seventh chakra, you reproduce yourself: that is what resurrection is. That is what is meant by Jesus when he says, “Be reborn.” Then you become father and mother to yourself. Your sun center becomes your father, your moon center becomes your mother, and the meeting of your sun and moon inside releases your energy towards the head. It is an inner orgasm – the meeting of the sun and the moon, or call it the meeting of the anima and the animus, the male and the female inside you.

Your whole body is divided into male and female. This has to be understood. Do you see how much left-handed people are suppressed? If a child writes with the left hand, immediately the whole society is against him – the parents, the peers, the teachers. The whole society forces him to write with the right hand. Right is right and left is wrong. What is the matter? Why is it that right is right and left is wrong? What is wrong with left? And ten percent of the people in the world are left-handed.

Ten percent is not a small minority. Out of ten there is always one person who is left-handed. He may not have conscious awareness of it, he may have forgotten about it, because from the very beginning left-handed people are being forced to become right-handed. Why?

Right hand is connected with the sun center, with the male inside you. Left hand is connected with the female inside you, with the moon center. And the whole society is male-oriented.

Your left nostril is connected with the moon center; your right nostril is connected with the sun center.

You can try it. Whenever you are feeling very hot, close your right nostril and breathe from the left, and within ten minutes you will feel a subtle coolness coming to you. You can experiment; it is so easy. Or, if you are shivering and feeling chilly, close your left nostril and breathe from the right; within ten minutes you will be perspiring.

Yoga has come to understand it, and yogis say – and yogis do it: in the morning they will never get up breathing from the right nostril because if you get up breathing from the right nostril there is more possibility that in the day you will get angry, you will fight, you will become aggressive – you will not be cool and collected. So in yoga it is part of the discipline that everybody getting up first sees which nostril is functioning. If the left is functioning perfectly okay, that is the right moment to get out of bed. If it is not functioning, then turn over, close your right nostril and breathe from the left. By and by the left takes over; then get up.

Always get up with the left nostril functioning and you will see a total difference in your whole day’s activity. You will be less angry, less irritated, more cool, more collected, calm. Your meditation will go deeper. If you want to fight, then the right nostril is very good. If you want to love, then the left nostril is very good.

And this breathing continuously changes. You may not have observed, but observe it. Modern medicine has to come to understand it because it can be used in treatment very, very significantly.

There are diseases which can be helped by the moon, and there are diseases which can be helped by the sun. If you know exactly, then breathing can be used to treat a Person. But modern medicine has not yet stumbled upon this fact. Continuously your breathing changes. forty minutes one nostril functions, then forty minutes another nostril functions. Continuously within you the sun and moon change – you swing from sun to moon, from moon to sun.

That’s why you change your moods so often. Sometimes you suddenly feel irritated – for no reason at all. Nothing has happened, everything is the same, you are just sitting in the same room – nothing has happened – suddenly you feel irritated. Watch. Bring your hand close to your nose and feel: your breathing must have changed from left to right. Just a moment before you were feeling so good; just a moment after you are feeling so bad, just ready to fight or do something.

Remember, the whole body is divided. Your brain is also divided into two brains. You don’t have one brain; you have two brains – two hemispheres. The left-side brain is the sun brain; the right side brain is the moon brain. You may be puzzled, because everything on the left is the moon, why the right side brain is the moon. The right side brain is connected with your left side body. Your left hand is connected with the right side brain, your right hand is connected with the left side brain, that’s why. Crosswise.

The right-side brain is the seat of imagination, poetry, love, and intuition. The left side brain is the seat of reason, logic, argumentation, philosophy, science.

And unless you attain a balance between the sun and moon energy, you will not be able to transcend. Unless your left side brain meets with the right-side brain and is bridged, you will not be able to reach sahasrara. You have to become one to reach sahasrara because sahasrara is the omega point in your being. You cannot reach there as a man, you cannot reach there as a woman. You have to reach there just as pure consciousness – one, total, whole.

Man’s sexuality is sun oriented, woman’s sexuality moon-oriented. That’s why women have the monthly period in twenty-eight days, because the moon has a twenty-eight-day month. They are affected by the moon – the moon has a twenty-eight-day circle of phases.

And many women feel, when the full-moon night comes, a little crazy, a little berserk. Beware, when the full moon is there, beware of your wife or girlfriend. She becomes a little wild, just as the ocean becomes wild and is affected by the moon’s energy.

Have you watched it? Men like to make love with open eyes. Not only that, but with full light on. If there were no other troubles, men would like to love in the daytime. And they have started, particularly in America, because other troubles have disappeared. People are making love more in the morning than in the night. Women like to make love in darkness, and even in darkness they want to close their eyes.

The moon shines in darkness, loves darkness… the night.

That’s why women are not interested in pornography. Now because of the lib movement, a few magazines have started to compete with PLAYBOY and that type of magazine – PLAYGIRL has come into existence. But women are not basically interested in pornography. In fact they can never understand why men like to see naked women’s pictures so much. They have a certain difficulty in understanding the facts.

Man is sun oriented, light oriented. Eyes are part of the sun; that’s why eyes can see. They correspond with the sun-energy. So man is more eyes oriented. That’s why men are voyeurs and women are exhibitionists. Men cannot understand why women go on decorating themselves so much.

I have heard, one couple went to the mountains to celebrate their honeymoon. The young man was lying in bed and waiting for his wife. The wife was powdering her body and doing her hair and doing this and that, polishing her nails, and then she took a few drops of perfume and put them behind her ears. Then the young man jumped out of the bed. The wife asked, “What is the matter? Where are you going?” He ran towards his suitcase, and he said, “If it is going to be a formal affair, at least I must put my clothes on.”

Women are exhibitionists – they would like to be seen. But that’s perfectly okay because that’s how men and women fit: man wants to see, woman wants to show. They fit perfectly. It is absolutely okay. If women don’t want to exhibit, then they will create trouble, and if man is not a voyeur, for whom will women prepare so much – for whom? – Nobody will look at them.

Everything fits in nature in a perfect way. It synchronizes.

But to reach sahasrara you have to drop this duality of functioning. You cannot reach God as man or woman. You have to reach God as a simple, pure being.

“By performing samyama on the light under the crown of the head comes the ability to contact all perfected beings.” The energy has to move upwards, and samyama is the methodology to do it.

First, if you are a man, you have to be fully conscious of your sun, your solar energy center, your sex center. You have to be there at the muladhara, showering your consciousness on the muladhara.

When the muladhara is showered by consciousness, you will watch and you will see that an energy is arising and moving into the hara center, into the moon.

And you will feel so blissful when the energy moves in the moon center. All your sexual orgasms are nothing compared to it – absolutely nothing. There is ten thousand times more intensity when your sun energy moves into your own moon energy. Then the real man meets the real woman. When you meet a woman outside, howsoever close you come, you remain separate. It is a very superficial meeting – just two surfaces meet, that’s all. Just two surfaces rub each other, that’s all. But when your sun energy moves into the moon energy, then two centers of energy meet. And the man whose sun and moon are meeting remains cheerful, blissful – continuously, because there is no need to lose this orgasm. This is permanent orgasm.

If you are a woman, bring your consciousness to the hara center and you will see your energy moving towards the sun center.

One center is non-functioning, one is functioning. The functioning has to be joined to the nonfunctioning: immediately, the non-functioning starts to function.

And when the energy is meeting – sun and moon are becoming one – you will see that now the energy goes on rising upwards. You start falling upwards.


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