Types of Memories:

  1. Inanimate Memory: Inanimate Memory, we have Elemental Memory and Atomic Memory.
    • Elemental Memory is the record of how these five elements interact with each other. For example, ether (which represents the vast empty space in the cosmos) contains earth (solid) is the way in which these elements interact with each other.
    • Atomic Memory is the record of how this material is made and how it behaves. For example, how do the five elements make subatomic particles, atoms, and then molecules are contained in this memory.
    • All that we have experienced through the ages are all registered in the cells and in deep meditation, they can be revived.
  2. Animate Memory: Animate Memories are Evolutionary Memory, Genetic Memory, Karmic Memory, Unconscious Memory, Subconscious Memory, Conscious Memory.
    • Evolutionary Memory is the record of how the evolution of life has taken place.
    • Genetic Memory is the record of all the genetic material passed on to the next generation by ancestors.
    • Karmic Memory is made by the accumulation of impressions.
    • Last layer of memory is the accumulation of impressions by the mind or mental body.
  3. Types of Memories: Whether the memories are Inanimate or Animate it does not matter when it comes to shaping up your life to the point where it is now.
    • A way for the teeth to release their memories, to open the door for human beings to go beyond their biological bondage. Meditation can only reach the depths where authentic transformation happens when it breaks through the biological bondage.
    • Meditation is the only way to the ultimate transformation for a human being. The memories are locked in the deep layers of the collective unconscious mind, and the teeth can be used as the key.

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