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  • The advanced nature of the ancient Indian civilization remains a topic of fascinating discussion. While the scientific community was stunned by Albert Einstein’s groundbreaking E=mc2 formula in 1905, it may come as a surprise to some that this relationship between mass and energy was known to ancient civilizations in India thousands of years…Read More

  • India discovered gravity centuries before Isaac Newton. In the 5th century, Paskara, in his work called Siddhanta Shiromani, mentioned that objects fall towards the Earth due to a force of attraction. He proposed that this attractive force is responsible for holding celestial bodies like the Earth, planets, constellations, moon and sun in their…Read More

  • The connection between the sound of the universe and ancient Indian beliefs, particularly Sanatan Dharma, is a subject of great interest. According to this religion’s ancient scriptures, Lord Shiva created the OM sound before the universe’s creation, thus connecting the creation of the universe to the OM sound. Science has confirmed that the sound…Read More


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