Life is a meaningless unless we create meaning to it.

God Is

Keshav Chandra came to meet Ramakrishna, and began to argue the existence of God. He was an intellectual, a great believer in logic. Ramakrishna kept on smiling, saying, “Whatever you say is logically very correct, but what can I do? I am experiencing God. If I had not had the experience, then I would probably also say the same thing as you. And I still say that as far as logic is concerned, what you are saying is absolutely correct. But my problem is that I have already had an experience of God. And an uneducated person like me cannot even refute your arguments. Where you are standing today, I once stood. There was a time when I also doubted whether God existed or not. And then all your arguments would have sounded right to me. But I have a great problem, Keshav Chandra,” said Ramakrishna. “I have a great problem, because I have experienced God. Now what can I do? Now, no matter what you say, or what the world says, I cannot falsify the experience. It has happened to me – God is. Now, there remains only one way out, and that is that you too seek the experience of God.”

So when Keshav Chandra began to leave, Ramakrishna said, “One thing is certain, and that is that you too will begin to seek this experience, if not today, then tomorrow. Because for how long can such an intelligent person as you remain caught up in words and logic?”

Keshav Chandra wrote in his memoirs that he could never forget these words – Ramakrishna saying, “For how long can such an intelligent person as you continue to remain caught up in words and logic? You will definitely experience God?”

“His saying this” Keshav Chandra has written, “destroyed all my logic. He did not refute me, he did not refuse me; he accepted me wholeheartedly. And at the same time he said, ‘such an intelligent person as you.’ He said that my presence had assured him even more of the existence of God, because how could such an intelligence be born without God? ‘…Seeing someone like you who is speaking against God, I now have total faith in God, because how can such an intelligent flower bloom without him?’”

He who has had the experience does not have to go to ask anyone for confirmation. The experience proves itself; it is self-evident. The day this kind of deep peace comes, the door to the supreme mystery opens up. And that is the proof that the way has been found.

Learn: learn through your life, because there is no other learning. Scriptures won’t give you anything.

If your own life cannot give you something, nothing can give it to you. Learn through your own life, conclude through it. What have you been doing with yourself? If you are in a wheel, jump out of it. But to know that you are in a wheel, you will have to go deep into understanding and learning.

– Osho.


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