Non-Doer – In Gita Verse 2.14 O son of Kuntī, the nonpermanent appearance of happiness and distress, and their disappearance in due course, are like the appearance and disappearance of winter and summer seasons. They arise from sense perception, O scion of Bharata, and one must learn to tolerate them without being disturbed.

In the timeless wisdom of this verse, Krishna counsels us to embrace the natural rhythm of life, allowing the inevitable ebb and flow of experiences to pass without resistance. As surely as winter’s chill beckons the warmth of wool, and summer’s heat invites the cool caress of cotton, we must adapt to the changing seasons with equanimity and grace. In doing so, tranquil acceptance becomes our shelter amidst life’s ceaseless changes.

Consider the simple act of quenching thirst – when neglected, it clouds our emotional clarity, pulling our focus from the task at hand. Life, in its ever-shifting splendour, follows suit. Resistance begets misery, as the futile pursuit of permanence in an impermanent world leads to suffering. Our longing for constancy blinds us to the profound truth that the only certainty is now, the present moment.

Spirituality invites openness: allow life’s rich tapestry to unfold. As passive witnesses, let us stand undisturbed, receptive, and at peace. In the stillness of being, my reach extends to you, though the haze of interpretation may obscure this connection. Presence requires no filter or fanfare. It asks only for your acceptance to manifest in full.

As meditation deepens, it silences the restless inquiry of the mind. A calm repose replaces the endless procession of questions. In this tranquil state, an absence of queries becomes fertile ground for the emergence of answers. The answer to life is singular and all-encompassing, not a patchwork of responses to an ever-growing list of dilemmas.

This singular answer will reveal itself only when we release our fears and surrender to the currents of existence. The river of life flows freely, unaided by our endeavours. The courageous may choose to let go completely, joining the river’s flow not in contention, but in serene surrender.

Religion’s notion of ‘allowing’ encourages us to act in accordance with our nature. Drink when thirsty, eat when hungry, sleep when fatigue calls. In this simplicity lies the profound truth of non-action (Wu Wei), a state of passive mastery.

Krishna’s dialogue with Arjuna illuminates our path: be a non-doer, accept what is, and abstain from imposing interpretations. Treat life’s happiness and distress as transient events, not personal possessions under the realm of the ego. Allow life’s dualities to harmonise without resistance, recognising that true consciousness is the unshaken spectator of this temporal play.

Through the lived experience of these teachings, we align with our innermost reality, untouched by the impermanence of the external world. Life, in all its vicissitudes, is not to be simply endured but deeply experienced and transcended. Find peace in existence’s contrasts, and therein discover eternal bliss – the art of living, the path of the yogi.

Arjuna’s call to action, and indeed ours, as per Krishna’s counsel, is to face the world with valour and integrity. Engage fully, fight the good fight, if that be your call, but let go of enmity. This echoes the tranquillity of non-doership; to perform one’s duty with a heart unburdened by the weight of animosity. Remain purposefully engaged in the role cast by the cosmos, and yet, maintain a serene detachment. Thus, we embody the very essence of non-doership, living in the world yet not being owned by it. This harmonious balance is the true calling of the spiritual warrior – it is the dharma that sustains the universe and leads us back to the Self.


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