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The  💚HEART is on the LEFT but it is  Always RIGHT. I am a 💜Heart Oriented Person so l chose this Topic.

HEART 💙HEART💜HEART  💚 lts an amazing fact that all different  creatures of God have different hearts.❣️ Hearts 💝are conical symbols of valentine .

There are  many types of Hearts💜.   Did you know that, animals,  fish, reptiles, and we humans, all have  different types of Hearts💚 and most amazingly you would not  have known that an earthworm has no heart at all..The Octopus has 3 hearts 💚.💙💜at  all, it’s unbelievable isn’t it.

It  has five pseudo valves, that wrap around  the esophagus. Amazingly mammals and birds have four chambers to their heart. The frog gets oxygen from the lungs and skin. The blue whale has the largest heart💛 in the world, it is this size of a small car  it weighs 450 pounds.

Cockroaches have an open circulatory system with 12 to 13  chambers.
If a zebra fish’s ❣️Heart  breaks it simply regrows it in two months. We humans are blessed with a beautiful heart💙 that has been beating relentlessly since birth. How  lucky and blessed we are 🙏🙏


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