VBT – Meditation 66.1

See The Reality

Someone loves you and then you go on expecting love. But the next moment he hates you; then you are disturbed – not because of his hate, but only because of your expectations. He has changed.

He is alive, so he is bound to change. But if you can see the reality as it is you will not be disturbed.

The one who was in love a moment before can be in hate a moment later, but wait! One moment later he will be in love again. So don’t be in a hurry, just be patient. And if the other can also see this changing pattern, then he will not be fighting for changing patterns. They change; that is natural.

So if you look at your body, it changes. If you try to understand your mind, it changes. It is never the same. Even for two consecutive moments, nothing is the same. Your personality goes on like a flux.

If this is all and there is nothing which remains the same continuously, eternally, timelessly, then who will remember that this was “my childhood”? Childhood has changed, the body has changed, the mind has changed. Then who remembers? Then who knows about childhood and about youth and about old age? Who knows?

This knower must remain the same; this witness must remain the same. Only then can the witness have a perspective. The witness can say, “This was my childhood, this was my young age, this was my old age. This moment I was in love, and this moment the love changed into hatred.” This witnessing consciousness, this knower, is always the same.

So you have two realms or two dimensions existing together in you. You are both – the changing which is always changing and the non-changing which is always remaining non-changing. If you become aware of these two realms, then this technique will be helpful: “BE THE UNSAME SAME.”

Remember this: “BE THE UNSAME SAME.” You are bound to be “unsame” on the periphery, but at the center remain the same.

Remember that which is the same. Just remembering will be enough; you need not do anything else. It is non-changing. You cannot change it, but you can forget it. You can be so engrossed, obsessed with the changing world around you – with your body, with your mind – that you may completely forget the center. The center is so much clouded by the changing flux – and, of course, there are problems: that which is constantly the same is difficult to remember because change creates problems.

For example, if a constant noise goes on around you, you will not be aware of it. If a clock on the wall goes on, tick-tock, tick-tock the whole day, you are never aware of it. But if suddenly it stops, you will immediately become aware. If something is constantly the same, there is no need to take any notice.

When something changes, the mind has to take notice. It creates a gap, and the pattern vibrates.

You were hearing it continuously, so there was no need to hear it. It was there, it became part of the background. But if suddenly the clock stops, you will become aware. Your consciousness will suddenly come to the gap.


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