VBT – Meditation 69.3

Bondage Is A Reflection

“THIS UNIVERSE IS THE REFLECTION OF MINDS.” Whatsoever you see in this universe is a reflection. If it looks like bondage, it means it is your reflection. If it looks like liberation, again it is your reflection.


The sun rises, and there are many ponds – dirty and pure, big and small, beautiful and ugly – and one sun reflects in many ponds. One who goes on counting the reflections will think that there are many, many suns. One who looks not into the reflections but to reality will see one. The world, as you look at it, reflects you. If you are sexual, the whole world seems sexual. If you are a thief, the whole world seems to be in the same profession.

Once Mulla Nasruddin and his wife were fishing, and the place was restricted; only license holders could fish there. Suddenly a policeman appeared, so Mulla’s wife said, “Mulla, you have the license so you run away. Meanwhile, I will escape.”

So Mulla started running. He ran and ran and ran, and the policeman followed. Of course, Mulla left his wife there, and the policeman followed him. Mulla ran and ran until he felt that now his heart would explode. But by that time the policeman caught hold of him. The policeman was also perspiring, and he said, “Where is your license?” So Mulla produced his papers. The policeman looked at them and they were okay. So he said, “Why are you running, Nasruddin? Why did you run away?”

Nasruddin said, “I am going to a doctor, and he says after every meal to run for half a mile.”

The policeman said, “Okay, but you saw me running after you, chasing you, yelling, so why didn’t you stop?”

Nasruddin said, “I thought that maybe you go to the same doctor.”

It is logical; it is what is happening. Whatsoever you see all around you is more a reflection of you than of any real thing there. You look at yourself mirrored everywhere. The moment you change, the reflection changes. The moment you become totally silent, the whole world becomes silent. The world is not a bondage: bondage is a reflection. And the world is not liberation; liberation is again a reflection.

A Buddha finds the whole world in NIRVANA. Krishna finds the whole world celebrating in ecstasy, in bliss; there is no misery. But tantra says that whatsoever you see is a reflection unless all seeing disappears and only the mirror is seen with nothing reflected in it. That is the truth.


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