Mystic – In Gita Verse 5.24 One whose happiness is within, who is active and rejoices within, and whose aim is inward is actually the perfect mystic. He is liberated in the Supreme, and ultimately he attains the Supreme.

Krishna says the person who found happiness from within means bliss, he is very alive and experienced life as a mystery. This person lives in awe, wonderment. He will not try to understand life but willingly lives life with self-awareness.

In my Bhagavad Gita Verse 4.38, I wrote how a religious person lives their life as Mystery.

Life is a mystery. The more you understand it, the more mysterious it becomes. The more you know, the less you feel that you know. The more you become aware of the depth, the infinite depth, the more it becomes almost impossible to say anything about it. Hence silence.

A man who knows remains in such awe, such infinite wonderment, that even breathing stops. Standing before the mystery of life, one is lost completely.

But there are problems, and the first problem with the mystery of life is that there is always the possibility of fraud, people who can deceive others, people who can cheat. In the world of science that is not possible. Science moves on a plain ground with infinite caution – logical, rational. If you utter some nonsense, you will be caught immediately because whatever you say can be verified. Science is objective and any assertion, any statement, can be verified in experiments in laboratories.

With religion everything is inner, subjective, mysterious, and the path is not clear. It is a hilly track. There are many ups and downs, and the path moves like a spiral. Again and again you come to the same place, maybe a little higher. And whatever you say cannot be verified, there is no criterion of verification. Because it is inner, no experiment can prove or disprove it; because it is mysterious, no logical argumentation can decide this way or that. That’s why science is one, but there exist almost three thousand religions in the world. You cannot prove any religion false. Neither can you prove any other religion to be true and authentic. That is not possible because no empirical test is possible.

A buddha says that there is no self inside. How to prove this or disprove this? If somebody says “I have seen God” and he sounds sincere, what to do? He may be a deluded lunatic, he may have seen a hallucination, or he may really have seen the reality of existence. But how to prove or disprove? He cannot share his experience with anybody, it is inner. It is not like an object you can place in the middle and everybody can look at it, and everybody can experiment and dissect it. You have to take it in faith. He may sound absolutely sincere and may be deluded: he may not be cheating you, trying to cheat you, he may be deceived himself. He may be a very true person, but he has seen a dream and thinks it is real. Sometimes dreams have the quality that they look more real than reality itself. Then dreams look like visions. He has heard the voice of God and he is so filled with it, so thrilled. But what to do? How to prove that he has not gone mad, that he has not projected his own mind and idea? There is no possibility.

Everybody is a born mystic – because everybody carries a great mystery within him which has to be realized, everybody carries a great potentiality which has to be actualized. Everybody is born with a future. Everybody has hope. What do you mean by a mystic? A mystic is one who is trying to realize the mystery of life, who is moving into the unknown, who is going into the uncharted, whose life is a life of adventure, exploration.

But every child, start that way – with awe, with wonder, with great inquiry in his heart. Every child is a mystic. Somewhere on the way of your so-called growing; you lose contact with your inner possibility of being a mystic and you become a businessman, or you become a clerk, or you become a collector, or you become a minister. You become something else. And you start thinking that you are this. And when you believe it, it is so.

Meditation is to destroy your wrong notions about yourself and to liberate your mysticism. Meditation is a way of liberating your mysticism and it is for everybody – without any exception. It knows no exception.

Surely meditation is for mystics, for everyone, including children. There is no one ordinary, and children are the most capable. They are natural mystics. And before they are destroyed by society, before they are destroyed by other robots, by other corrupted people, it is better to help them to know something about meditation.

Krishna says the person who lives in awe, wonderment, like a child, with maturity has attained Supreme as he is the one who lives the mystery of life.


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